Outlook connects all of Microsoft Programs, Skype, Word, Excel…

The program Outlook has been around for a long time, in name anyway. My earliest memories of Outlook are from the early to mid-2000s; back then, if you clicked on someone’s hyperlinked email address, the default program Outlook would open automatically as you grumpily tried to get it to close, and then you copied the email address into an email program that people actually used. And, for me anyway, that was what Outlook was for.

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Outlook has grown up a lot since then, and after going through quite an evolutionary process (Hotmail, MSN, Live, etc.) it is basically the face of Microsoft now. You would never recognize it now as that old, irritating default email program. Outlook has really come into its own, with a facelift and functionality that belongs in the 21st century.


Outlook Connects All of Your Microsoft Programs

Arguably the best feature of the new, improved Outlook is the way it unifies all of the standard Microsoft programs we have come to rely on, and how it makes it easy to access and edit our documents from anywhere. A few of the essential programs that Outlook connects to include: Outlook email, of course (which includes Hotmail, MSN and Live email addresses), Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, Skype, and my personal favorite, OneDrive.

In case you didn’t know, OneDrive is a cloud based storage application, and it is my absolute favorite thing about my Windows 8 PC, which comes equipped with Outlook automatically. As long as you are on a device with Outlook, you have access to all of your documents in one place, and you don’t have to worry about emailing them to yourself just to access them from your home computer. I think it’s even easier to use than Google Drive, for what it’s worth.

One of my favorite tools with OneDrive in Outlook is the ability to edit documents online in Word, Excel or Powerpoint Online and have them save to the cloud storage automatically. This makes it simple to get your work done from anywhere, even on your mobile devices.

Install Outlook for Free on All of Your Devices

Much of Outlook’s newfound success can be attributed to its accessibility. It is a standard application on newer Windows PCs, and can also be downloaded for free to smartphones and tablets on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. Installing Outlook to all of your devices really streamlines and organizes your life, especially if you find yourself needing to share documents with colleagues often and are always on the go. Outlook has also streamlined its email interface, making it much cleaner and self-regulating. It’s easier than ever to tell Outlook which messages to allow, and which ones to keep out of your inbox. You can even cancel your subscription from email mailing lists with one click.

In short, Outlook has come a long way from its early days. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but I have integrated Outlook and its related Microsoft apps into my life now, and it has only benefitted my productivity and organization. I suggest you give it a second chance as well.

Outlook connects all of Microsoft Programs, Skype, Word, Excel…
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